How Do I Update My Aguri Dx1200 Dash Cam & Speed Trap Detector?

Date: 27/02/2024

Speedshield Speed Trap Database and Firmware update for Aguri DX1200 GPS dash cam and speed trap detector

Speed trap database updates for the Aguri DX1200 GPS dash cam and speed trap detector can be found on our website and are released about once a month.

To update the Aguri Speedshield Speed Trap database and Fimware, go to the Software updates section of our website.  Scroll down the list of software updates available and click on the download link for ‘DX1200 Speed Trap Database & Firmware update’

Once you have downloaded the latest speed trap database and firmware to your PC and unzipped the folder using 7zip unzip software or similar, remove the SD card from the DX1200 speed trap detector and insert in to your computer using a suitable SD card reader. Next open the SD card so you can see the files already on it and then ‘drag’ or ‘copy and paste’ the new DX1200 software updater files from your PC on to the SD card.

Please note that the speed trap database file and Firmware files found within the ‘zipped’ folder will be entitled as follows:-

Speedshield Speed Trap Database – edogdata.dat

Firmware – FW96672A.bin

Audio files – WavMerge.bin

 It is important that you only transfer these individual files to the ‘root’ of the SD card and not the ‘zipped’ folder or the update will not work.

Once you have copied the files to the SD card, safely remove the SD card from your computer and re-insert it in to your DX1200.

Power on the unit and the DX1200 will automatically install each of the updates and information on the LCD screen will keep you informed of it’s progress.

Once the update is complete the unit will re-start and will be ready to use again.

How do I unzip a zipped folder?

If you need more information on how to unzip a folder please click here

What is the Aguri Speedshield Speed Trap Database?

Learn more about the Speedshield Speed Trap Database here

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