What the zipped DX1000 speed trap database folder should look like

How Do You Download And Unzip A Folder?

Date: 15/11/2021

How do you download and unzip a folder using 7-zip software?

Learning new software can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Most folders that you need to download from our website such as the Aguri DX4000 Speed trap database update “update_warn.zip” and “Aguri DX1000 Speed Trap Database Update” are zipped and you have to unzip them to access the contents inside. They are zipped so that the contents are compressed to make them smaller and faster for you to download. We use 7Zip because it is easy to use free to download.

Learning to unzip zipped folders with 7-Zip should be easy enough as follows:-

  1. Visit www.7zip.org and download the version of 7Zip that is suitable for use on your PC and Windows OS.
  2. A link to the 7zip installer software you have downloaded may automatically appear to the bottom left corner of your screen or can be located in your Downloads folder depending on your PC settings. To access your Download folder, open File Explorer, which is a yellow folder icon that should appear on the ‘task bar’ at the base of you screen. The file should include a 7Z graphic and a .exe extension on the end. It should look something like this “7z1900-x64.exe”. Double click the 7z——.exe file to launch the installer software and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.Image showing how to install 7zip software on to you PC
  3. Next, click here to go to the Software updates section of this website and download the folder you require. The Software update page will open in a new tab, so you will easily be able to come back to this page to continue following these instructions.
  4. Once you have downloaded the folder you require, go to File Explorer and click on Downloads to access it. The zipped folder you have downloaded should look something like this:-What the zipped DX1000 speed trap database folder should look like
  5. The zipped folder can be opened within the Downloads folder or you can copy and paste it, or drag it in to a folder of your choosing.
  6. Next, ‘Right click’ the zipped folder and you will see a window open with a list of options. Hover your mouse over ‘7zip’ in the list which will open another window, then ‘Left click’ ‘Extract here’ to extract the contents.
    How to use 7zip to open a zipped folder
  7. Once the contents of the folder have been unzipped and extracted it will appear along side the original zipped folder as follows:-Image showing the DX1000 database folder after being unzipped using 7zip
  8. Now, simply double ‘left click’ the folder to access it contents.
  9. When you have completed the process and are sure you no longer need the original zipped folder, you can delete it. ‘Right click’ the zipped folder and select ‘Delete’ from the list of options that appear.

Like anything, it can seem quite complicated and time consuming the first time we have to learn how to use new software. However, once you have successfully installed the 7zip software, you don’t have to complete that part of the process again, and can start at #3 instead next time. And of course, once you have download and unzipped a few folders, it will become ‘second nature’!

If you need any further help please call our technical help team on 0330 102 5578. We’re here to help!

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