Better products at better prices. We specialise in creating unique, high-tech sat navs, dash cam, and speed trap detectors.

We know that a unit needs to exceed your expectations as well providing solid value for money.

We’re a highly motivated team that has been working in the consumer electronics industry for over 30 years. We’ve been sourcing, developing and supplying electronic gadgets of all shapes and sizes for as long as we can remember.


Passion for Road Navigation

We’re most passionate about the road and love sat nav devices that help get us from A to B, more quickly, more safely and more efficiently, and with a bit of extra entertainment thrown in.

We like to be one step ahead of the rest, so whilst you might find similar sat nav, dash cam, or speed trap detector products elsewhere, you will always find a little extra something in all our navigation products that you won’t find anywhere else. We hope that passion and innovation show in all the products you see on our website.

sat nav on dashboard

Navigating Relationships

We wholeheartedly believe that it is essential to treat both our customers and suppliers respectfully because we wouldn’t be here without either. We hope to provide the best customer experience possible and continually strive towards creating strong partnerships with our suppliers too, enabling us to build respectful long-term relationships that ultimately result in better products and better deals for you.

As well as our on-going commitment to improving our products, we will also continue to improve your online shopping experience. We understand that you have a choice, and our continued success is based on your satisfaction as a customer from start to finish.

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