Fuel Tank Catalysts

Permanently reduce raised vehicle emissions and restore lost fuel economy and performance with FTC. The one-time treatment for removing and preventing carbon build-up in your engine.

FTC is an easy to use, one-time treatment that never needs to be replaced or topped up. Use FTC to remove pre-existing carbon deposits from engines as well as to keep new engines clean and free from developing carbon deposits, permanently maintaining engine performance, and reducing raised emissions and fuel consumption.

Tested. How do FTC Fuel Tank Catalysts work?

Watch how FTC fuel pellets lowered this vehicle’s Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions by over 66%, as well as reducing the Hydrocarbon (HC) reading by over 54%!



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“As well as causing poor fuel economy and lacklustre performance, hidden engine deposits cost motorists a fortune in spares & repairs. And carbon deposits and dirty engines cause our excess traffic pollution which ruins the air quality for millions of people in towns and cities worldwide.

Little engine deposits are a BIG problem.

But for the last 80-years there’s actually been a simple way to prevent them! So, along with the chaps at FTC, I’m making sure motorists are told the truth. The truth about these amazing little pellets that remove hidden carbon deposits and keep engines permanently clean & efficient!”

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How do FTC fuel catalysts reduce raised vehicle emissions, restore lost fuel economy and combat excess traffic pollution?

A build-up of carbon and other harmful engine deposits are one of the main causes of the excess traffic pollution which continues to blight the air quality in our towns and cities.

Dirty engines cause the cars, vans and 4x4s we see every day, to pump out thick clouds of filthy black smoke as they pull away. A build-up of carbon is also the main cause of a loss of fuel economy, performance and engine efficiency. FTC fuel pellets will prevent carbon from building up in an already clean engine as well and safely and effectively removing a build-up of carbon and other deposits, reducing raised emissions and restoring lost fuel economy.


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Environmentally friendly with no plastic waste.

Unlike most other liquid fuel additives designed to remove a build-up of carbon, FTC fuel pellets are a one-time treatment.

It is estimated that over 20,000,000 plastic bottles of repeat-use liquid fuel additives are disposed of every year. Whilst a liquid fuel additive might temporarily remove carbon and other harmful deposits from your engine, they cannot prevent the build-up in the first place and a build-up of carbon will soon return meaning another treatment is required.

FTC fuel pellets are a one-time treatment that will prevent carbon from forming in your engine and will remove carbon build-up permanently. No repeat treatments are necessary, which is more economical for you and far better for the environment with no plastic waste.

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Unveiling the Truth: Mike Brewer Interviews Simon Hamilton, Founder of FTC Direct, on Fuel Tank Catalysts

In the fast-evolving automotive industry, staying informed about the latest technologies and debunking myths is crucial for both consumers and enthusiasts. In a recent exclusive interview, renowned automotive expert Mike Brewer sits down with Simon Hamilton, the Founder of FTC Direct, to unravel the mystery behind Fuel Tank Catalysts. This enlightening conversation delves into the world of fuel tank catalysts, their capabilities, and addresses some common misconceptions in the market.

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