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Cordless pressure washing, anywhere. Now with extra power!

The Aguri Power Clean P40 Max cordless pressure washer lets you clean anything, anywhere with up to twice the power of most other cordless pressure washers. Battery powered, compact and lightweight, our super portable jet washer provides up to 20x the pressure of a normal hose and is simple and easy to use. Aguri Power Clean P40 Max can be assembled in seconds and comes with a powerful 4.0Ah Li-ion rechargeable battery that delivers more power and a longer run time than ordinary cordless pressure washers. As there is no bulky, heavy power unit or trailing power cables to move around, it is much more convenient to use than a traditional pressure washer. Connect to a normal household tap if you want to but where that’s not an option, Power Clean P40 Max will work from any source of water such as a bucket or even a stream or pond. Simply click the battery into place and you’re ready to go!

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DX1000 dash cam
Prove what really happened with Super HD recording of the road ahead plus FREE built-in speed trap detection with no subscription charges and no download fees. The Aguri DX1000 Dash Cam and GPS speed trap detector, incorporates a full colour 2.7” LCD, 16GB Micro SD card, GPS track recorder and Full Super HD video recorder. Aguri DX1000 will record everything in front of you whilst protecting your licence for complete peace of mind. "If it wasn't for our dash cam footage, the other driver might not have been held responsible for knocking the cyclist off his bike and injuring him." Click here to see the evidence for yourself.

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Aguri P90 Air Purifier

Get clean, healthy air for your home or office with the Aguri P90 Air Purifier. Perfect for Hay Fever sufferers!

Breathe freely with the Aguri P90 Air Purifier designed to remove 99.95% of particles as small as 0.003um with its advanced 3-stage filtration system including Pre-filter, HEPA13 filter and ultra-high efficiency Active Carbon Filter. Suitable for use in both the home and office, Aguri P90’s hospital grade filtration system will effectively clean your air from viruses and bacteria, pollen and other allergens such as pet dander and mold spores, plus gases, dust, odours and smoke. Create a clean, safe and healthy environment by eliminating harmful and dangerous viruses, bacteria and allergens from the air of your home or office. "Use in conjunction with other best practises such as hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your home or office"

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Aguri E10 PRO e-scooter electric scooter

Get ready for the future with the clean, green & convenient Aguri E10 PRO Electric Scooter

Providing exceptional all-weather performance, the E10 PRO is the ultimate in street-wise eco transport. Delivering an impressive top speed of 25kmh/15.5mph the E10 is no slouch, and when it comes to bumpy terrain, it’s 10” air filled tyres have go it sorted. Aguri E10 handles hills with ease too and can support a load of up to 100kg, thanks to it’s powerful 350W motor. The easy to use thumb accelerator enables you to smoothly control the amount of power required and the easy-fold system means you will be ready to go in seconds. Plus, there are three separate ride settings accessed at the touch of a button. Switch between Learner, Urban and Sport including cruise control for a safer, smoother ride. The class-leading E10 E-Scooter, given 5 stars by 9/10 owners, delivers the range, power & comfort that simply leaves other scooters standing. No other scooter comes close!

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RV720 with box
The Aguri Motorhome & Caravan RV720 DVR Deluxe Edition sat nav comes preloaded with our specialist motorhome and caravan routing software plus full UK and European mapping, so you can start using it straight out of the box. Simply enter the dimensions and weight of your vehicle and the RV720 will create a route avoiding narrow roads, low bridges plus many other hazards for a safer journey. Also includes a built-in dash cam, super-bright 7” LCD with superb off-axis viewing, enhanced loud speaker, WiFi and over 30,000 campsites and motorhome stopovers pre-installed. Plus, get FREE wireless map and speed trap updates for life, Live Digital Traffic information and the exclusive Deluxe Edition pack including shock resistant protective case and deluxe travel bag.

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Bought this to replace my Snooper which I didn’t get the hang of. Easy to set up, easy to follow the instructions and following a two week motorhome trip to North Wales I am happy I bought it. Very clear and concise maps and guidance…Easy to set up with vehicle dimensions etc. A very good selection of apps to get info from. Took me door to door every time, with no mistakes. So I can’t want more than that! Good buy.

Amazon customer, Owner Motorhome & Caravan RV720,

Hi my name is Mark Woolley I bought the truck nav 650 back in November 2019 just want to say it’s an absolute fantastic bit of kit I drive over 600 miles a week a lot of city centres and it hasn’t let me down once thanks guys

Mark Woolley, Owner Aguri Truck TX650,
Can I just say that I have covered nearly 2000 miles in Spain and my Aguri sat nav has been absolutely brilliant, it’s the best investment that I have made in many years…Thank you to Aguri for producing such a brilliant sat nav
Tony Skerratt, Aguri RV720 Motorhome & Caravan sat nav owner,

Got a DX1000, well impressed with it. Both camera and detector work really well. Plenty of notice given when approaching cameras.

Murray Wright, Aguri DX1000 Dash Cam & Speed Trap Detector,

Quick delivery and easy to use. Very happy that I didn’t have to set it up before using it and it’s alerted me to all the speed traps I’ve seen. An invaluable tool as I drive for a living. 5 Stars. Recommended.

Maria Hayes, Driver

Firstly and foremost, I would like to praise the whole team at Aguri for creating such a fantastic device, I’m new to trucking and I chose the Aguri device over the main sat nav competitors, the sat nav software has so far been invaluable, the digital tv is brilliant. Keep up the excellent work.


Albert Holmes, Aguri Truck TX750 owner.,