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a picture of the Aguri power clean P40 max cordless washer

The most powerful cordless pressure washer on the market!

The Aguri Power Clean P40 Max cordless pressure washer lets you clean anything, anywhere with up to twice the power of most other cordless pressure washers. Battery powered, compact and lightweight, our super portable jet washer provides up to 20x the pressure of a normal hose and is simple and easy to use. Aguri Power Clean P40 Max can be assembled in seconds and comes with a powerful 4.0Ah Li-ion rechargeable battery that delivers more power and a longer run time than ordinary cordless pressure washers. As there is no bulky, heavy power unit or trailing power cables to move around, it is much more convenient to use than a traditional pressure washer. Connect to a normal household tap if you want to but where that’s not an option, Power Clean P40 Max will work from any source of water such as a bucket or even a stream or pond. Simply click the battery into place and you’re ready to go!
Aguri insurance approved tracking system

Did you know that most stolen motorhomes and caravans are never recovered?

Protect your pride and joy with Aguri Magtrack+ DIY fit tracking systems. Install in minutes with no expensive installation costs!

More and more of us are making the decision to purchase a caravan or motorhome to enjoy the freedom of the open road. Touring with a motorhome and caravan is often less expensive but most importantly gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want. We all hope that it will never happen to us, but record numbers of caravans and motorhomes are stolen every year, and most are never retrieved.
  • Hassle free, install in minutes!
  • Easy DIY fit magnetic mounting system
  • Completely wireless – no professional installation required
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 years on one charge
  • Control settings and monitor your vehicle 24 hrs a day via our Smartphone & iPhone app
  • Integrated LoRa which acts as a secondary radio frequency band in the case of GPS blocker use
  • Geo Fence Alerts
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Anti-tamper alerts
  • Waterproof to IP65
  • Thatcham Category S7 Insurance Approved
  • Easily move from vehicle to vehicle
Photo of Skyway GTX90 speed trap detector

Aguri Skyway GTX90 GPS Radar Laser speed trap detector.

Recent figures reveal that motorists in the UK are being fined every 2.5 seconds with one lucrative stretch of road claiming 500 motorists a month. Avoid penalty points and speeding fines with the Skyway GTX90 speed trap detector. Skyway comes preloaded with the latest Speedshield speed trap database, so you can start using it straight out of the box. It includes long range GPS speed trap detection technology as well as radar and laser alerts designed specifically for UK and European use for maximum protection. Drive trouble-free, with free lifetime updates, no subscription charges and no download fees. Provides advance warning of the new VECTOR-SR speed cameras, HADECS3, SPECS motorway average speed cameras, SMART motorway cameras, GATSO, TRUVELO, DS2 and WATCHMAN speed traps plus 1000s of locations where mobile speed traps and laser police vans are often used. Compatible with PC only.
  • GPS speed trap detector
  • Radar & Laser detection
  • OLED display
  • Visual & Audible alerts
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Free speed trap database updates
  • 12 month warranty
the Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist showing a speed camera alert
Prove what really happened and protect your licence and your no claims bonus!  Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist dash cam not only incorporates a full HD Dash Cam and GPS speed trap detector, but also includes our unique Drive Assist speed limit alert technology. DX4000 will display the speed limit of every road you drive on and can be set to alert should you ever exceed the speed limit and when you drive from one speed limit zone to another. Not only that, DX4000 Drive Assist boasts an impressive full colour 3.5” LCD with touch screen technology, a 16GB Micro SD card, GPS track recording and a Full HD video recorder. Plus, DX4000 comes with free speed trap and speed limit updates for life with no subscription fees and no download fees!
  • High-definition Dash Cam
  • GPS speed trap detection
  • Displays speed limits of all roads
  • 3.5" Full colour LCD
  • Audible & Visual alerts
  • Voice alerts
  • 16GB SD card included
  • 12 month warranty
  • Free speed trap updates
"If it wasn't for our dash cam footage, the other driver might not have been held responsible for knocking the cyclist off his bike and injuring him." Click here to see the evidence for yourself.

Save £50 and avoid narrow roads and low bridges plus 1000's of other hazards with Aguri R760 Motorhome and Caravan RV760 Sat Nav!

The Aguri RV760 Motorhome and Caravan sat nav comes preloaded with our unique specialist motorhome and caravan routing software plus full UK and European mapping, so you can start using it straight out of the box. Simply enter the dimensions and weight of your vehicle and RV760 will create a route avoiding narrow roads, low bridges plus many other hazards, for a safer journey.
  • 7" Full colour super-bright LCD
  • Specialist motorhome sat nav software
  • Specialist caravan sat nav software
  • Avoid narrow roads, low bridges plus many other hazards
  • Wi-Fi – Browse the internet & download your favourite Apps
  • Free Wireless Map & Speed Trap Updates
  • Preloaded with over 30,000 campsite and motorhome stopovers
  • Enhanced loudspeaker
  • Powered magnetic windscreen & dashboard mounting system
  • Designed in the UK with full UK phone and on-line support

What more could you want? Sat nav,  Dash Camera, Digital TV, all in one. Excellent product, great value for what you get…also a phone number if you aren’t sure (and need some help). Free updates.  A must buy for all truckers. Thank you & keep on trucking!

Amazon customer, Truck driver, Owner Aguri Truck TX750 DVR TV,


I can confirm item was delivered yesterday, hidden in the garage as requested.

I don’t think I have come across an ordering and delivering process so slick for a long time. Ordered in the afternoon, landed the next day!

And whoever wrapped the item, I am sure they must be the one who wraps all the Xmas presents at home. So well presented it was untrue.

The item looks and feels solid.

Many thanks, top service all the way through


J-C Pintar

J-C Pintar, Aguri Power Clean P40 Max cordless pressuer washer,

The Skyway GTX80 Pro Plus, every driver should have one. I have used detectors in the past but as far as I’m concerned the Skyway is the best. It looks smart the buttons feel sturdy and the display is all you need. I found it best sat on the dash with the windscreen mount to hold it even in this position its performance wasn’t negatively affected. I have tried it on motorway single cameras and average speed with great warning and the minuteman cameras I know of are readily picked up.
To sum up, buy one they are worth every pound.
Rick, Stockport

Rick, Skyway GTX80 Pro Plus,

Quick delivery and easy to use. Very happy that I didn’t have to set it up before using it and it’s alerted me to all the speed traps I’ve seen. An invaluable tool as I drive for a living. 5 Stars. Recommended.

Maria Hayes, Driver

Excellent, would rate this as better than a Tom Tom

Paul, Amazon customer, Truck Driver, Owner Truck TX750 DVR TV,
Can I just say that I have covered nearly 2000 miles in Spain and my Aguri sat nav has been absolutely brilliant, it’s the best investment that I have made in many years…Thank you to Aguri for producing such a brilliant sat nav

Tony Skerratt, Aguri RV720 Motorhome & Caravan sat nav owner,