Picture of Aguri DX4000 GPS speed trap detector on dashboard of Polestar 2 alerting to Gatso speed trap detector

What Are The Latest Software Updates For My Aguri Dx4000 Drive Assist Dash Cam And Speed Trap Detector?

Date: 23/02/2024

How do I check what software version and speed trap database is currently installed on my DX4000?

  1. Soft push the settings ‘cog’ icon on the standby screen to enter the settings menu followed by the ‘Dash Cam’ menu button.
  2. Soft push the ‘Down’ arrow button until you see ‘Information’.
  3. Soft push the ‘Information’ button on the screen to check the version of software and databases currently installed on your DX4000.
  4. To exit this setting, press the ‘return arrow’ followed by the ‘X’ and return to the standby screen. If there is no activity for 60 seconds, your DX4000 will save your setting and return to the standby screen automatically.

What software version and speed trap database should I have on my Aguri DX4000 dash cam and speed trap detector?

The latest software versions for the Aguri DX4000 are…

  • Dash Cam OS: DX4000/0.1.5
  • Drive Assist OS:
  • Speed Limit DB: eu-AKD-1
  • Speed Trap DB:

Click here to go to the Software updates section of this website and find the latest software versions and speed trap database updates for your DX4000.

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