How Do You Change The Time On The Aguri Skyway Gtx90 Speed Trap Detector?

Date: 09/04/2024

How do you set the time on the clock on the Aguri Skyway GTX90 radar / laser speed trap detector?

Skyway GTX90 GMT time zone setting

Use this feature to adjust the GPS clock on your Aguri Skyway GTX90 GPS Radar Laser Speed Trap Detector to show the correct time in your particular time zone. You can also use this setting to adjust the GPS clock so that it displays the correct time during summer and DST (Daylight Saving Time).

Enter the settings menu by pressing and holding the ‘Menu’ button. Scroll left or right, using the ‘Mute’ or ‘City’ buttons, until you highlight the GMT time zone setting option (a small graphic of a globe/the earth) and press the ‘Menu’ button to select it.

Use the ‘Mute’ or ‘City’ buttons to increase or decrease the time in 1 hour increments and press the ‘Menu’ button to confirm your selection and return to the menu. Press and hold the menu button to return to the standby screen or wait a few seconds and your Skyway GTX90 will return to the standby screen automatically.

Picture of Aguri Skyway GTX90 speed trap detector on dashboard of Polestar 2

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