Aguri Power Clean 15M/50FT High-Pressure Sewer & Drain Cleaning Hose


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Aguri Power Clean 15M/50FT Pressure Washer Sewer & Drain Hose

High-Pressure sewer hose compatible with Aguri P40 Max cordless pressure washer and Aguri P40 Max jet washer. Designed for sewer and drain-pipe cleaning, plus many other applications.

  • Length: 15m/50FT
  • Max pressure: 40Mpa/5800PSI 

Contents include:-

1 × 15m/50ft sewer jet hose
1 × Button nose sewer jet nozzle, orifice 4.0
1 × M22 female to 1/4” female NPT coupler
1 × 1/4” quick connect plug
1 × rotating sewer jet nozzle
1 × Waterproof tape

Compatible with most pressure washers including:-
Aguri Power Clean P40 Max Cordless Pressure Washer
Aguri Power Clean P240 Max Jet Washer

Click here for more information on our range of Aguri pressure washers and jet washers

Excellent, would rate this as better than a Tom Tom

Paul, Amazon customer, Truck Driver, Owner Truck TX750 DVR TV,

Dear Sirs,

I received my Skyway GTX60 Radar/Laser detector this morning as promised. Ordered yesterday at 2pm and delivered in less than 24 hrs.

Excellent service, excellent product, excellent price.

I will recommend, very pleased!

Yours sincerely

Mr G Simm

Gilbert Simm, Driver, Owner Skyway GTX50,

What more could you want? Sat nav,  Dash Camera, Digital TV, all in one. Excellent product, great value for what you get…also a phone number if you aren’t sure (and need some help). Free updates.  A must buy for all truckers. Thank you & keep on trucking!

Amazon customer, Truck driver, Owner Aguri Truck TX750 DVR TV,

The Skyway GTX80 Pro Plus, every driver should have one. I have used detectors in the past but as far as I’m concerned the Skyway is the best. It looks smart the buttons feel sturdy and the display is all you need. I found it best sat on the dash with the windscreen mount to hold it even in this position its performance wasn’t negatively affected. I have tried it on motorway single cameras and average speed with great warning and the minuteman cameras I know of are readily picked up.
To sum up, buy one they are worth every pound.
Rick, Stockport

Rick, Skyway GTX80 Pro Plus,

Hi my name is Mark Woolley I bought the truck nav 650 back in November 2019 just want to say it’s an absolute fantastic bit of kit I drive over 600 miles a week a lot of city centres and it hasn’t let me down once thanks guys

Mark Woolley, Owner Aguri Truck TX650,

I just wanted to say that the AGURI Motorhome & Caravan sat nav worked beautifully during our recent three week holiday in France. It guided us from caravan park to caravan park and town to town without any problem whatsoever. The mapping was very clear and unambiguous…The satnav seems to be a wonderful product and I hope that it continues to give good long service.

Anthony Sadler, Caravan Owner