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How To Install The Agr760 Remote Dash Cam

Date: 30/03/2023

AGR760 Remote Dash Cam Installation Instructions.

How to connect the AGR760 dash cam to your Aguri RV760 Motorhome & Caravan or TX760 Truck & Lorry satellite navigation systems, and install in your vehicle.

User note: Before fully installing the AGR760 dash cam please check it is working correctly.

  1. Install the SD card. The SD card slot is inside the end section of the dash cam as indicated below. Pull the section that rotates firmly and remove it to access the slot and install the SD card. Please note that you have to pull quite hard to remove this section which is normal.


  1. Connect the AGR760 dash cam to the AGR760 sat nav using one of the USB cables provided. Please note that you must power the AGR760 dash cam from the USB socket on the side of the AGR760, not via the bracket, or it will not operate correctly.
  2. Power on the AGR760, tap on ‘Apps’ from the main menu, then tap on ‘Files’.
  3. Gently swipe the screen upwards and tap on ‘EOWLRCDMARE-ASMC’
  4. Gently swipe the screen upwards until you see ‘uCarDvr.apk’, then tap on the three vertical dots adjacent to it on the right hand side. Select ‘Open with’ and select ‘Package installer’
  5. The screen will display a new window entitled ‘XCDVR1’ – select ‘Install’. The app will install and you may see a message asking whether you want to install the app even though Google doesn’t recognize it. If you do, select ‘More details’ then ‘Install anyway’
  6. Once the app has been installed, select ‘Open’. The app will open and you should see a picture showing what the dash cam is currently recording and a red flashing dot indicating that the dash cam is in recording mode. Please note that this version of the dash cam and app is not designed to display your coordinates or current speed.
  7. Once you have confirmed that the AGR760 dash cam is working correctly, it is time to install the dash cam in your vehicle. The dash is supplied with two USB power cables, a short version and a long version. Use the short version if you wish to install the dash cam close to where you have decided to mount the AGR760 sat nav, or use the longer version if the dash cam is installed further away from the sat nav ie if the sat nav is installed on the dash board and you want to install the dash cam behind or near the rear view mirror.
  8. Clean the area of the windscreen where you have decided to mount the dash cam with a little soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  9. Peel off the red backing tape and push the dash firmly into place on the inside of the windscreen where you want to mount it.
  10. Rotate the section of the dash cam that incorporates the micro video camera so that it is putting down the road. Check the image on the AGR760 sat nav to ensure the dash cam is pointing in the right direction.
  11. The dash cam will power up and start recording as soon as the AGR760 sat nav is powered on. If you ever want to check what the AGR760 dash cam is recording, tap on ‘Apps’ from the main menu followed by ‘XCDVR1’. User note: If the navi software and the dash cam apps are both open, you can move between them easily by pressing the white square icon at the bottom of the screen and swiping the screen from side to side.

Extra user settings.

Open the dash cam app and tap the centre of the screen to see additional user settings displayed on the left-hand side.

  1. Tap to switch on or off.
  2. Tap to take a still photograph.
  3. Video recorder. Tap to stop or start recording.
  4. Tap to lock a section of video so that it cannot be overwritten. (After locking a video, you must stop and start the video recording to unlock)
  5. Video playback. Tap to watch video or view photographs saved to the units SD card.

SD card TLC.
To get the best out of your SD card and to help extend its working life, format it every two or three months using a PC or Mac. Please note that SD cards have a finite life when used in a dash cam, so will need to be replaced periodically if the dash cam can no longer record to it, or cannot automatically overwrite footage previously recorded to the SD card.

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