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How Do I Update The Dvb-t2 Digital Tv App On My Aguri Rv750 Or Tx750 Sat Nav?

Date: 23/09/2019

Follow the instructions below to update the DVB-T2 Digital TV app on your AGR750 series sat nav.

  1. Go to the Software Updates area of this website and download and unzip the Aguri AGR750 series DVB-T2 Digital TV app.
  2. Remove the SD card from your sat nav, insert it in to your PC and transfer the unzipped file ‘app-sianoDVBT2-release_2.0.170.apk’ from your PC on to the SD card.
  3. Re-insert the SD card in to you sat nav and power it on.
  4. From the Main menu, tap ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Apps’ which should be located beneath ‘Storage’
  5. Locate the ‘Digital TV’ app in the list of ‘Downloaded’ apps and tap on it.
  6. Tap on ‘Uninstall’ and then return to the Main menu.
  7. From the main menu, tap on ‘Apps’, then ‘File Manager’ (swipe the screen from right to left as this may be on the second page) and then ‘SD card’
  8. From the list displayed, tap ‘app-sianoDVBT2-release_2.0.170.apk’ and then ‘Install’
  9. Once the app has finished installing, tap on ‘Open’
  10. The new, updated DVB-T2 Digital TV app is now ready to use.

Need help updating the Aguri AGR750 series DVB-T2 Digital App? Call 0330 102 5578 we a member of our technical help team will be happy to talk you through the process.

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