Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist GPS dash cam, speed trap detector and speed limit alert system

Black Friday Special Offer! Dx4000 Dash Cam, Speed Trap Detector & Speed Limit Alert System

Date: 11/11/2021

Black Friday Special Offer! Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist ‘3-in-1’ unit including GPS Dash Cam, Speed Trap Detector and Speed Limit Alert System.

We’re starting early with Black Friday Special Offers available throughout the month of November! All new Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist with front and rear facing cameras not only incorporates a full HD Dash Cam and GPS speed trap detector, but also includes our unique Drive Assist speed limit alert technology. DX4000 will display the speed limit of every road you drive on and can be set to alert if you exceed the speed limit and when you drive from one speed limit zone to another. Not only that, DX4000 Drive Assist boasts an impressive full colour 3.5” LCD with touch screen technology, full HD front and reversing cameras, a 16GB Micro SD card, GPS track recording and a Full HD video recorder. Plus, DX4000 comes with free speed trap and speed limit updates for life with no subscription or download fees!

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