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Data Used By Aguri Sat Navs Ranked World’s Best, Says New Report

Date: 27/09/2019

The data we use in our devices has recently been ranked the number-one globally, according to a new report on the navigation technology market. This is higher than Google, Mapbox and Tom Tom.

The report by the Ovum international business consultancy, entitled Location Platform Index 2019, ranks Here Technologies data as the industry-leader for the sector.

The report studies 13 major global data providers in the navigation and mapping technology industry. It ranks Here Technologies data in top position above Google, Mapbox and TomTom, as well as Apple, Microsoft, ESRI, Comtech, Telenav, Garmin, MapQuest and Magellan.

Here Technologies provide smart routing software, which is what we use in our devices for GPS navigation. Here Technologies is pre-loaded on our car sat navs, truck sat navs, caravan and motorhome sat-navs so that our customers have world-leading mapping straight out of the box. Other respected brands that use Here’s data are Audi, BMW, Daimler, Continental, Pioneer and Bosch.

The new report ranks data platform providers on factors including mapping and technology, market-reach, take-up by equipment developers and manufacturers, and the overall completeness of features.

Here Technologies’ has come on top due to its focus on data privacy, greater data control for business and consumers, and its push to reward consumer participation in data exchange. Their investment in a new research institute in Austria will further-push future developments, which we’re looking forward to learning more about as time goes on.

Our founder Steven Ballard said:

“We’re delighted with this new report from Ovum… This provides independent verification of the high quality of Here’s Technologies data and features which technology manufacturers and consumers can trust.  This is the second time that Here Technologies data has been ranked as industry-leader in the Location Platform Index above Google.

“We believe Aguri devices provide users with trusted, dependable and accurate routing information for cars, trucks, caravans and motorhomes. This new report confirms the quality of the data platform we use.”

Aguri founder Steven

The Ovum report highlights the rising use of location data across different devices, from car infotainment systems and sat-navs to mobile phones, and for outdoors and indoors activities, from driving on roads to pedestrians walking through shopping malls or leisure attractions.

The report also says Here Technologies is playing a leading role in the development of advertising technology. Location data is highly sought by the advertising industry and Here Technologies has developed a new data service including 120 million points of interest across over 400 categories.

To see the Ovum report in full, click here.


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