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How Do You Connect An Aguri Skyway Gtx90 To Power?

Date: 05/07/2022

What should I do if my Aguri Skyway GTX90 will not power on?

Why won’t my Skyway GTX90 power up?

  1. Check you are using the correct power cable. Aguri Skyway GTX90 must be powered using the DC 12V cigarette lighter socket power cable supplied, NOT the USB data cable. The USB data cable should only be used to connect Skyway to your PC when you need to update the software or Speedshield speed trap database.
  2. Check the fuse in the cigarette lighter adaptor. If you have your Skyway plugged into a ‘live’ 12V cigarette lighter socket using the correct DC 12V power cable provided and it will still not power on, please check the fuse. Unscrew the end of the cigarette lighter adaptor to access the fuse and replace if necessary. A spare fuse is provided in the accessory pack provided with the unit.
  3. Check your 12V cigarette lighter socket works using a different power cable – a smart phone and smart phone charger for example.
  4. Check that your cigarette lighter socket is clear of debris and the cigarette lighter adaptor is pushed all the way in to ensure a good contact.
  5. Finally, make sure the rotary POWER/VOLUME dial on the side of the unit is rotated forwards in to the on position.

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