pressure washer cleaning swift caravan

Top 10 Tips For Storing Your Caravan Or Motorhome During Winter

Date: 18/10/2023

How to look after your motorhome or caravan during the winter months

As the winter months approach and the temperature drops, it’s time to start thinking about storing your caravan or motorhome if you won’t be using it during this time. Proper storage is crucial to protect your investment and ensure that it’s ready for your next adventure when the warmer months roll around. In this blog, we’ll provide you with the top 10 tips for storing your caravan or motorhome safely and effectively during the winter.

1. Find the Right Storage Location

The first step in winter storage is finding the right location. Look for a secure, dry, and well-ventilated space that provides protection from the elements. Consider renting indoor storage or investing in a high-quality caravan cover to shield your vehicle from rain, snow, and UV rays.

pressure washer cleaning swift caravan

2. Clean Thoroughly

Before storing your caravan or motorhome, give it a thorough cleaning using a good quality pressure washer, ensuring you purchase one that won’t damage seals or paintwork. Remove all food, linens, and personal items to prevent pests and mold. Clean the interior and exterior, including the roof, to remove dirt and grime that could cause damage during storage.

3. Empty Tanks and Water Systems

Drain all water tanks, pipes, and systems to prevent freezing and potential damage. Use RV antifreeze to protect the plumbing system from frost. Don’t forget to flush and sanitize the sewage system as well.

4. Disconnect and Charge the Battery

To prevent your battery from draining during storage, disconnect it or use a trickle charger to maintain its charge. Fully charged batteries are less likely to freeze and can extend their lifespan.

5. Maintain Tyre Pressure

Proper tire maintenance is crucial during storage. Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure to prevent flat spots and damage caused by sitting in one position for an extended period. Consider using tire covers to shield them from UV rays and debris. You may also consider moving your caravan or motorhome every month or so – just a meter in each direction can prevent tyre damage.

6. Lubricate Moving Parts

Apply lubricant to moving parts such as hinges, locks, and slide-out mechanisms to prevent them from seizing or corroding during storage. This will ensure that everything works smoothly when you’re ready to hit the road again.

7. Ventilation and Moisture Control

Ensure good ventilation in your storage area to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew. Consider using moisture-absorbing products like silica gel or desiccant bags inside your RV to maintain a dry interior.

8. Protect Against Pests

To keep unwanted critters out, seal any openings and vents with mesh or screens. Place rodent traps or deterrents inside the caravan or motorhome to deter pests from entering.

9. Consider Using Stabilizers

Using stabilizers or jacks can help take the weight off the tires and suspension during storage, reducing the risk of flat spots and uneven tire wear.

10. Regular Maintenance Checks

Schedule periodic maintenance checks throughout the winter. This includes inspecting for leaks, monitoring the condition of the storage area, and ensuring the security of your vehicle. Address any issues promptly to avoid costly repairs in the spring.


Storing your caravan or motorhome properly during the winter is essential to preserve its condition and ensure it’s ready for your next adventure. By following these top 10 tips, you can protect your investment and enjoy worry-free travels when warmer weather returns. With proper care, your caravan or motorhome will be in great shape for many more journeys to come.

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