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Navigating The Issue: Trucks And Low Bridges In The Uk

Date: 07/09/2023

Avoiding low bridges with Aguri truck sat navs

The UK boasts a vast network of roads and bridges, facilitating the movement of goods and people across the country. However, a persistent and costly problem plagues this infrastructure – trucks, lorries, and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) colliding with low bridges. This issue not only results in financial losses but also poses safety risks. In this blog, we will delve into the problem of trucks colliding with low bridges in the UK, its economic implications, and explore a solution that could significantly mitigate this problem using advanced technology, such as Aguri Truck sat navs.

Truck hitting low bridge

The Problem

Every year, the UK witnesses numerous incidents of trucks, lorries, and HGVs striking low bridges. These collisions cause significant damage to both the vehicles and the bridges themselves, often leading to road closures, traffic disruptions, and costly repairs. More importantly, they can result in injuries or fatalities, endangering the lives of drivers and pedestrians alike.

The Financial Toll

The financial toll of these accidents is staggering. The UK government spends millions of pounds annually on repairing damaged bridges and compensating for the resulting traffic congestion. This includes the costs of emergency services responding to accidents, traffic management, and bridge repairs. Additionally, businesses suffer substantial losses due to delayed deliveries and damaged cargo, while drivers and transport companies face legal consequences and increased insurance premiums.

A Solution on the Horizon: Aguri Truck Sat Navs

One effective way to tackle this problem is by using advanced technology, such as Aguri Truck sat navs. These specialized navigation systems are tailored to the unique needs of truck drivers and HGV operators. They offer a solution that can significantly reduce the frequency of bridge collisions, thereby saving both money and lives.

How Aguri Truck Sat Navs Work

Aguri Truck sat navs stand out from conventional GPS navigation systems due to their ability to account for the dimensions of the vehicle. When setting up the navigation route, the driver inputs the specific height, width, length, and weight of their truck, lorry, or HGV into the device. Armed with this crucial information, the sat nav calculates the most suitable route for the vehicle, avoiding bridges with insufficient clearance.

Benefits of Aguri Truck Sat Navs

  1. Customized Routing: By accounting for the exact dimensions of the vehicle, Aguri Truck sat navs ensure that the chosen route is safe and free from low bridges. This not only prevents costly accidents but also reduces stress for drivers who no longer need to worry about encountering obstacles beyond their vehicle’s clearance.
  2. Savings: The financial benefits are substantial. Aguri Truck sat navs help save millions of pounds annually that would otherwise be spent on repairing damaged bridges and managing traffic disruptions. Companies and drivers also save on repair costs, insurance premiums, and potential legal fees.
  3. Time Efficiency: Avoiding low bridges means less time spent navigating detours, dealing with accidents, or waiting for repairs. This leads to more efficient deliveries and reduced downtime, benefiting both businesses and the economy as a whole.
  4. Enhanced Safety: Above all, Aguri Truck sat navs enhance safety by reducing the risk of accidents involving low bridges. Fewer accidents mean fewer injuries and fewer lives at risk on the roads.


The problem of trucks, lorries, and HGVs colliding with low bridges in the UK is not only a financial burden but also a safety concern. Thankfully, advanced technology like Aguri Truck sat navs provides a solution that can significantly mitigate this issue. By customizing routes based on vehicle dimensions, these navigation systems prevent costly accidents and save lives. The adoption of such technology not only benefits individual drivers and companies but also contributes to a safer and more efficient transportation network in the UK.

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