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How Do I Restore The Maps To My Agr700 Series Sat Nav?

Date: 19/08/2016

How can I restore the software and mapping on my AGR700 satellite navigation system?

Step 1. Check that the existing map data is completely cleared from the device.

Ensure that all the maps have been completely cleared from the device. From the main menu go to ‘Settings’ then select ‘Apps’, then select ‘Aguri Navigation’  and then press ‘Clear data’. A message will appear asking you to confirm you want to clear all data. Please confirm that you do.

Step 2. Set up a Google Gmail account on your AGR700.
To restore the mapping from the Google Play store, you will need to set up and/or enter an account and be connected to an internet enabled Wi-Fi connection. If you have already done this please go directly to Step 3.

From the main menu select ‘Settings’ then scroll down until you see ‘ACCOUNTS’ and press the “Add account” button. From the list displayed, select ‘Google’ and a new window will appear called ‘Add a Google Account’. If you already have a Google Account select “Existing” and proceed to the next step.

If you do not have a Google Gmail account please go to Google on your PC or Mac and search for ‘How to set up a Google account’ and follow the instructions you will find there. Once you have a Google Gmail account enter them in to your AGR700 device as described above.

If you are not connected to an internet enabled Wi-Fi connection, the device will ask you to connect to one. It will switch the Wi-Fi setting on and you will automatically see a list of available Wi-Fi connections in your vicinity. Select the Wi-Fi connection you want to use and enter and password.

Next, enter your Google Gmail account details to complete the set-up.


Step 3. Update the Aguri Navigation App.
From the main menu, press the ‘App’ button and then press on the Google ‘Play’ icon to launch it. Next search for the ‘Aguri Navigation’ App and when you see the Aguri Navigation App logo tap on it to see more options. Once opened, you should see an option to ‘Update’ it. Please press the ‘Update’ button and your AGR700 will automatically update the Aguri Navigation App software. Once the update is complete, please return to the main menu.


Step 4. Update the mapping.

From the main menu, press the ‘Navigate’ button. The screen will show a message ‘Checking data server…’ Please note that it can take a few minutes for this process to start. Once the software has verified that the mapping needs to be restored, the download process will begin. The screen will show a thin orange progress bar and the time remaining for the download to be completed will be displayed. Once the map installation is complete, your unit will be ready to use.

Please note that it could take between 30 – 60 minutes to restore the maps depending on the speed of your internet connection. Please ensure that the device is fully charged and remains connected to power for the duration of this process.

Installation notes.

It is only possible to restore the maps if the unit serial number is programmed into the device. To check the serial number, go to ‘Settings’, then scroll down and select ‘About PND’. Next select ‘Status’. The serial number should begin H15SNF****. 


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