How Do I Update My Skyway Gtx90?

Date: 06/10/2022

How do I update the speed trap database and software on my Aguri Skyway GTX90?

***Please note that a new version of the Aguri Skyway GTX90 software and speed trap database updater was launched on the 6th October 2022. The following instructions may differ from the instructions in the user guide supplied with your unit depending on when you purchased it.***

Aguri Skyway GTX90 software and speed trap database updater instructions

  1. Download “Skyway GTX90 software and speed trap database updater” from the Software updates section of our website:-
  2. The folder you have downloaded will be zipped and will need unzipping so that you can access the software inside. Instructions explaining how to unzip a folder can be found in the FAQ section of our website:- Zip software can be downloaded from
  3. Once you have unzipped the folder, move, or save it to a location where you can easily find it again such as your Desktop or Documents folder.
  4. Double left click the folder and you will see the following files:-
  5. Double left click ‘Aguri Skyway GTX90 updater’ to launch the updater software.
  6. Follow the instructions numbered 1 to 4 on the updater, ensuring the volume dial on your Skyway GTX90 is in the ‘On’ position before proceeding..User note. If you Skyway GTX90 will not connect to your PC, you may need to install a Driver. Please click here for more information.
  7. Click on the ‘Update’ tab when it appears and wait while the updater software checks the server for the latest software updates.
  8. Check the ‘Status’ column to see if any updates are available and press ‘Click here to update’.
  9. The progress bar will indicate when the update has been completed successfully and when it is safe to disconnect your unit and close the updater software.

Need more help? Please call 0330 102 5578 if you need any further assistance!

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