Have You Updated Your Speed Trap Database Recently?

Date: 29/10/2020

The Aguri Speedshield database is free and always will be!

Get the best out of your Aguri speed trap / radar detector and keep it up to date with the latest Aguri Speedshield speed trap database.

Click here to go to our Software updates page where you can download the latest speed trap database for your Aguri DX1000, Dx2000 or DX20 combination dash cam and speed trap detector.

Need help updating your Aguri dash cam & speed trap detector?

How Do I Update The Speed Trap Database On My Aguri Dx1000 Gps Dash Cam And Speed Trap Detector?

Need help updating your Aguri Skyway or Aguri Fusion speed trap detector?

How Do I Update My Aguri Skyway?


Learn more about the Aguri range of combination dam cam and speed trap detectors with free speed trap updates.


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