Enhancing Road Safety In Greater Manchester With Innovative Vector-sr Speed Cameras

Date: 21/02/2024

What are the new VECTOR-SR Speed Cameras and can Aguri Dash Cam and Speed Trap Detectors detect them?

In a significant move towards improving road safety, Greater Manchester has recently introduced an advanced fleet of over 100 speed cameras equipped with cutting-edge technology. Unlike their predecessors, these state-of-the-art VECTOR-SR cameras employ special features that not only enhance their effectiveness but also redefine the way speed monitoring is conducted in the region.

Two-Way Traffic Monitoring

One of the notable upgrades in the new VECTOR-SR speed cameras is their ability to capture two-way traffic. In contrast to the previous generation of cameras that focused primarily on left-hand lanes, the latest models ensure comprehensive monitoring of both directions, providing a more holistic approach to enforcing speed limits.

Stealthy Operation with Infra-Red Low Light Technology

Unlike traditional speed cameras that flash when detecting speeding vehicles, the VECTOR-SR cameras operate discreetly using infra-red low light technology. This not only eliminates the disruptive flash that could distract drivers but also enhances the cameras’ effectiveness in varying light conditions, ensuring accurate speed detection day and night.

Funding through the Mayor’s Challenge Fund

The deployment of these upgraded speed cameras has been made possible through the Mayor’s Challenge Fund, a dedicated initiative aimed at enhancing road safety in Greater Manchester. The fund aligns with the region’s commitment to Vision Zero, a comprehensive strategy designed to reduce road fatalities and serious injuries.

Compact and Sleek Design

The VECTOR-SR cameras not only boast advanced technology but also feature a more compact and sleek design compared to their predecessors. This modernized appearance aligns with the commitment to keeping road infrastructure up-to-date and visually unobtrusive.

24/7 Operation for Enhanced Safety

These cameras are operational around the clock, enforcing speed limits at all hours. The continuous monitoring is designed to discourage reckless or anti-social driving, ensuring that drivers adhere to road speeds and contribute to a safer driving environment.

Aguri’s Dash Cams and Speed Trap Detectors: A Shield Against New Threats

With the introduction of these advanced speed cameras, drivers need to stay one step ahead to protect their licenses. Fortunately, Aguri’s range of dash cams and speed trap detectors are already equipped to handle this new threat. Designed to provide timely alerts and protection, Aguri dash cams and speed trap detectors ensure that drivers are informed and vigilant, helping them navigate the roads with confidence.

Picture of Aguri DX4000 GPS speed trap detector on dashboard of Polestar 2 alerting to Gatso speed trap detector

A Safer Greater Manchester for All Road Users

According to Supt Gareth Parkin of Greater Manchester Police, the upgraded VECTOR-SR cameras play a crucial role in ensuring road safety. “Speed limits are put in place to ensure our roads are safe,” he states, emphasizing the importance of curbing excessive speeds to prevent accidents and fatalities. Peter Boulton, Head of Highways at Transport for Greater Manchester, echoes this sentiment, expressing confidence that the investment in these new cameras will make the region “a safer place for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and motorists.”

In conclusion, the introduction of the VECTOR-SR speed cameras marks a significant stride towards achieving Vision Zero in Greater Manchester. With their advanced features and discreet operation, coupled with the added protection from Aguri’s dash cams and speed trap detectors, drivers can navigate the roads with increased safety and confidence.

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