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Dirty Air Caused By Pollution Affects 97% Of Uk Homes.

Date: 29/04/2022

Dirty air caused by pollution affects 97% of UK homes.

According to a recent study by the Central Office of Public Interest and Imperial College London, 97% of UK Homes are affected by dirty air and exceed WHO limits. More than 97% of addresses exceed the limits of at least one key pollutant, while 70% of addresses exceeded three.

A map has been produced combining 20,000 measurements with computer modelling to produce pollution estimates every 20 meters across the UK. Check your address at website addresspollution.org to find out exactly how polluted the air in your home or office might be.

An air purifier with a hospital grade HEPA filter has been shown to substantially reduce or clear the build-up of key pollutants in your home or office.

  • Pollutant PM2.5  – which can cause asthma, jeopardize lung functions and promote cancer.
  • Pollutant PM10 – can cause wheezing, bronchitis and reduce lung development.

In September 2021, WHO significantly decreased its guideline limits, reflecting increasing new scientific evidence of the affect on health by highly polluted air. A review in 2019 concluded that such pollution could be causing damage to every organ in the body, causing at least 7 million early deaths a year across the world, with 40,000 of them in the UK. According to WHO air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to human health and a ‘public health emergency’

The Aguri P90 Air Purifier can help keep your home or office free from dangerous and harmful air pollutants with it’s hospital grade HEPA 13 filter capable of capturing particles as small 0.003um.

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