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Aguri Magtrack Stolen Asset Recovery Network

Date: 28/07/2022

How does the Stolen Asset Recovery Network service work with an Aguri Magtrack GPS tracking system?

Whilst our car, motorhome, caravan, truck or trailer is normally insured, it is incredibly inconvenient if it’s stolen. We’d all much rather get our vehicle and possessions back, rather than having to make a claim on our insurance policy, and go through the long process of replacing everything.

The Stolen Asset Recovery Network team are predominantly from Police, Military & Close Protection backgrounds who have been carefully selected and vetted to ensure that they only have the very best personnel available. As a result of that the team are highly experienced in evidence gathering and surveillance which makes them the perfect Hunter to track and return what is rightfully yours. Even more, they can assure that whatever you hold dear or value the most is in safe hands and everything is done to secure them or your asset safely and quickly with their vehicle Track, Hunt, Secure service.

If your vehicle is stolen you don’t just lose an expensive asset. You have to spend time and money replacing it, not to mention the loss of personal belongings and your personal attachment to your treasured vehicle!

And this is where an Aguri Magtrack tracking system and the Stolen Asset Recovery Network team fits in…

If the unthinkable was to happen, and your vehicle or asset is stolen, the Stolen Asset Recovery Network team of nationwide hunters come in to play. Using the GPS location information from your Aguri Magtrack tracking system, they will deploy a unit from their 250 former police, military and close protection background staff to hunt down and secure your pride and joy before it has time to disappear forever. As a result of the Stolen Asset Recovery Network teams knowledge, training and background they significantly improve the odds of seeing your pride and joy again.

How much does an Aguri Magtrack Thatcham Insurance approved tracker cost?

An Aguri Magtrack tracking system costs £149.99 inc vat plus a subscription of only £9.99 a month. And, as it’s wireless with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 years on one charge, there are no expensive installation costs either. Simply hide it somewhere in or on your vehicle or asset using it’s built-in magnetic mount if convenient and you’re ready to go.

Click here for more information about our range of insurance approved trackers.

How much does the Stolen Asset Recovery Network service cost?

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use this service but if you have a working Aguri Magtrack GPS tracking system installed on your vehicle or asset with an active subscription, and your vehicle or asset is stolen, the Stolen Asset Recovery Network team will recover your vehicle or asset for just £349.99 plus vat.

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