Aguri Unveils Revolutionary Police Laser Detector – The Number 1 Speed Camera Van Detector In The Uk!

Date: 03/05/2024

Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 Police Laser Detector: The Number 1 Police Speed Camera Van Detector in the UK

Manchester 3rd May 2024 – Aguri, a trailblazer in automotive safety technology, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking product, the Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 Police Laser Detector + Parking Sensor. Engineered to redefine road safety, the LP5000 combines cutting-edge laser detection technology with intelligent parking assistance, setting a new standard in vehicle protection.

Why the Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 is the number 1 police speed camera van detector in the UK

At the core of the LP5000 police laser detector are two compact detection heads strategically positioned at the front of the vehicle, near the licence plate, ensuring precise detection of all types of police laser speed guns. Equipped with a wireless remote controller, drivers can effortlessly adjust settings and receive instant alerts, empowering them to stay within legal speed limits while on the road.

“The Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 police laser detector represents a significant leap forward in automotive safety technology,” said Thomas Browne, Head of Marketing at Aguri. “We are excited to offer drivers unparalleled protection against laser speed traps while also enhancing their parking experience with intelligent proximity alerts.”

Key Features of the Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 Police Laser Detector

  • Advanced police laser detector technology for unparalleled protection on the road.
  • Two compact detection heads strategically positioned for maximum accuracy.
  • Wireless remote controller for convenient operation from anywhere in the vehicle.
  • Instant audible and visual alerts upon laser detection, ensuring timely warnings.
  • Intelligent parking assistance with audible alerts as obstacles are approached.
  • Customisable setup options with the ability to expand coverage for rear protection.
  • Comprehensive coverage against all types of laser speed guns.

In addition to its laser detection capabilities, the LP5000 doubles as a parking guide, providing drivers with intelligent proximity alerts as they maneuver into tight spaces. With customisable installation options and a full mounting kit included, the LP5000 offers tailored protection to suit the needs of any vehicle.

Why the Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 is the Number Police Laser Detector in the UK

The Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 Police Laser Detector is considered the Number 1 police laser detector in the UK due to its exceptional sensitivity and accuracy in detecting police laser signals. It boasts advanced technology that provides 360-degree coverage, ensuring that drivers receive timely alerts from all directions. The device’s ability to filter out false alarms and minimize interference from non-police laser sources significantly enhances its reliability. Moreover, its user-friendly design, including clear visual and audible warnings, makes it easy for drivers to stay informed about nearby speed checks. This combination of precision, reliability, and ease of use solidifies the Aguri Laser Pro LP5000’s top position in the market.

The Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 Police Laser Detector package includes:

  • Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 distribution box
  • Laser Pro LP5000 police laser detector heads (x2)
  • Laser Pro LP5000 remote wireless controller
  • Full mounting and installation kit
  • User guide
  • 12-month warranty

Don’t compromise on safety and peace of mind. Choose the Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 and experience the ultimate in laser detection technology for your vehicle. Drive confidently, knowing you have the most effective defense against laser speed enforcement.

For more information about the Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 Police Laser Detector, call 0330 102 5578 or click here

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