Photo of Aguri DX4000 alerting to a police laser speed trap

Aguri Dx4000 Dash Cam Os Version Dx4000/0.1.2 What’s New?

Date: 30/03/2023

Software improvement for Aguri DX4000 dash cam and speed trap detector with rear camera

Download and install the latest Dash Cam OS for your DX4000, version DX4000/0.1.2

What’s new?

Double tap the screen to quickly change the view to the rear camera to aid parking and reversing, or if you just want to quickly see what is happening behind you. Double tap again to return to your previously selected standby screen.

Click here to go to the software section of this website and download the latest updates for your DX4000

Don’t have a rear camera connected to your DX4000? Click here to lean more!

For further information on the Aguri DX4000 dash cam, speed trap detector and speed limit alert system


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