Aguri DX4000 dash cam & speed trap detector fixed windscreen & dash mount bracket


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Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist dash cam, speed trap Detector and speed Limit alert system fixed type windscreen and dash mount bracket.

DX4000 fixed window and dash board bracket. Install your DX4000 dash cam and speed trap detector more permanently with the ‘fixed’ windscreen and dashboard mount. Simply swap the suction cup bracket for the fixed style bracket and attach to the windscreen or dash board with the 3M tape already applied.

DX4000 windscreen and dash mount bracket compatible with Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist dash cam and speed trap detector

Quick delivery and easy to use. Very happy that I didn’t have to set it up before using it and it’s alerted me to all the speed traps I’ve seen. An invaluable tool as I drive for a living. 5 Stars. Recommended.

Maria Hayes, Driver
Can I just say that I have covered nearly 2000 miles in Spain and my Aguri sat nav has been absolutely brilliant, it’s the best investment that I have made in many years…Thank you to Aguri for producing such a brilliant sat nav
Tony Skerratt, Aguri RV720 Motorhome & Caravan sat nav owner,

Got a DX1000, well impressed with it. Both camera and detector work really well. Plenty of notice given when approaching cameras.

Murray Wright, Aguri DX1000 Dash Cam & Speed Trap Detector,

Bought this to replace my Snooper which I didn’t get the hang of. Easy to set up, easy to follow the instructions and following a two week motorhome trip to North Wales I am happy I bought it. Very clear and concise maps and guidance…Easy to set up with vehicle dimensions etc. A very good selection of apps to get info from. Took me door to door every time, with no mistakes. So I can’t want more than that! Good buy.

Amazon customer, Owner Motorhome & Caravan RV720,

There isn’t a better truck sat nav available at this price!

David Shakespear, Driver Trainer & Development Manager, Dawson Rentals Truck & Trailer,

Excellent, would rate this as better than a Tom Tom

Paul, Amazon customer, Truck Driver, Owner Truck TX750 DVR TV,