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Share And Receive The Locations Of Live Mobile Speed Traps With Other Aguri Sat Nav Users!

Date: 10/08/2018

Did you know that it is possible to report and receive alerts of Live mobile speed traps via your Aguri sat nav?

It’s a really simple, but effective feature. This is how it works…


In order to report and receive alerts, you must first pair or tether your Aguri sat nav with your Smart Phone or iPhone so that it is connected to the internet (This will also enable you to use Live Digital Traffic Services if you want to)

Click here for further information on tethering your sat nav to your Smart Phone.

Click here for further information on tethering your sat nav to your iPhone

(Clicking the links above will launch a short tutorial video from our YouTube channel ‘Aguri World’)

Once you have successfully tethered your sat nav with your phone, check that your device is set up to enable you to report and share the locations of mobile speed traps. From the navi menu, go to ‘DEVICE SETTINGS’ then ‘Settings’ and check that ‘Share mobile speed traps’ is switched to ‘On’

Reporting the location of a mobile speed trap!

Once you have set your unit up, you are ready to share and receive alerts of mobile speed traps. Mobile speed trap locations reported by other units will automatically be downloaded to your device. If you drive within the vicinity of a reported location, your device will automatically alert you visually and audibly as a ‘High Risk Zone’.

If you see a mobile speed trap and would like to share it with other Aguri sat nav users, simply tap near to the top of the navi screen to launch the mini drop-down menu and then tap the report mobile speed trap button. The location will be sent instantly to our servers and then automatically shared with any other Aguri sat nav users driving in the same area!

Need any help activating or using this feature? Please call out tech team on 0330 102 5578 and we’ll be happy to help!


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