How To Avoid Speeding Tickets And Police Speed Check Vans!

Date: 18/06/2024

Avoid Speeding Tickets and Police Speed Check Vans !

Police speed check vans are a common sight on roads, often parked inconspicuously to monitor vehicle speeds. These vans play a crucial role in enforcing speed limits and enhancing road safety. The primary tool used by these vans is the LTI 20:20 laser gun, a sophisticated device designed to accurately measure the speed of vehicles. In this blog, we will explore how the LTI 20:20 laser gun works and how devices like the Aguri Laser LP5000 mobile speed camera van detector can help drivers by providing advance warnings.

How to avoid a police speed check van with an Aguri Police Laser Detector

How Does the LTI 20:20 Laser Gun Work in a Police Speed Check Van ?

The LTI 20:20 laser gun is a precise and effective tool used in police speed check vans to measure vehicle speeds. Here’s a breakdown of its functionality:

1. Laser Technology: The LTI 20:20 uses a laser beam to measure speed. The device emits a series of laser pulses towards a moving vehicle. These pulses are reflected back to the gun when they hit the vehicle.

2. Time of Flight: The device measures the time it takes for each pulse to travel to the vehicle and back. This is known as the “time of flight.” By calculating the time of flight and knowing the speed of light, the device can determine the distance to the vehicle.

3. Speed Calculation: The laser gun sends out multiple pulses in a short period. By measuring the change in distance over time, the device calculates the speed of the vehicle. The LTI 20:20 is known for its high accuracy, often within 1 mph.

4. Targeting: The laser gun is aimed manually by the operator. It has a sighting mechanism, similar to a rifle scope, to target specific vehicles. This manual targeting ensures that the speed measurement is for the intended vehicle.

5. Data Recording: Many modern LTI 20:20 devices come equipped with cameras that can record video or take still images of the speeding vehicle. This provides visual evidence to support the speed reading.

How to avoid police speed chec vans with an Aguri Police Laser Detector

Detecting LTI 20:20 Police Speed Check Vans with the Aguri Laser Pro LP5000 Laser Detector

While LTI 20:20 laser gun and police speed check vans are highly effective, drivers can use devices like the Aguri Laser LP5000 Police Laser Detector to detect these speed checks and receive advance warnings. Here’s how the Aguri Laser LP5000 works:

1. Laser Detection: The Aguri Laser LP5000 laser detector is designed to detect the laser beams emitted by devices like the LTI 20:20. It has sensors that can pick up the specific wavelengths used by police laser guns.

2. 360-Degree Coverage: The LP5000 provides 360-degree laser detection, meaning it can detect laser beams from all directions, including ahead, behind, and to the sides of the vehicle.

3. Advance Warning: When the LP5000 detects a laser beam, it alerts the driver with both visual and audible warnings. This gives the driver time to check their speed and ensure they are within the legal limit before they come into range of the speed check.

4. False Alarm Filtering: The Aguri Laser LP5000 is equipped with advanced filtering technology to minimize false alarms from other sources of laser signals, such as automatic door openers or adaptive cruise control systems in other vehicles.

5. Compact and Portable: The LP5000 is compact and easy to install, making it a convenient tool for drivers who want to stay aware of potential speed checks while on the road.

Police Speed Check Vans

Police speed check vans, armed with the LTI 20:20 laser gun, are effective tools in maintaining road safety by enforcing speed limits. The LTI 20:20’s precise laser technology allows for accurate speed measurements, ensuring that speeding violations are correctly identified. However, for drivers who want to stay vigilant and avoid potential fines, the Aguri Laser LP5000 mobile speed camera van detector provides a reliable means of detecting these speed checks and giving advance warnings. By understanding how these technologies work, drivers can make informed decisions to enhance their safety and compliance on the road.

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