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How Much Data Does Live Traffic Use?

Date: 01/03/2019

How much of my Smart Phone or iPhone mobile data, does Live Digital Traffic use and how does it work?

All Aguri sat navs include Live Digital Traffic as standard. Live Digital Traffic is a far superior service to standard TMC traffic information as it helps to calculate and produce routes based on real-time traffic flow as well as specific ‘events’ such as a road accident or closure. In addition to helping calculate the quickest routes possible, it also continues to monitor traffic flow for the duration of your journey. In the event that there is a build up of traffic or an accident on your route, it will offer you an alternative one, if a quicker route is available.

For Live Digital Traffic to work it is necessary to pair it with your Smart Phone or iPhone to leverage your phones internet connection. As a result many customers ask how much of their phone’s data package Live Traffic will use. Live Traffic only needs very small packets of data every few minutes, so if you were to use the service for 8 hrs a day for 20 days, it would only use approximately 400 MB of data. That is about 2.5 MB of data per hour.




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