How Do You Install The Aguri Roof Mounted Wireless Reversing Camera With Built-in Wi-fi?

Date: 03/05/2024

Installation instructions for Aguri roof mounted wireless reversing camera with built-in Wi-Fi

Aguri roof mounted reversing camera with built-in Wi-Fi

The Aguri roof/surface mounted reversing camera with Wi-Fi can be mounted on to the roof or other flat surface at the rear of your vehicle. The image of the area behind your vehicle is then transmitted to your Aguri sat nav, tablet or smart phone using Wi-Fi and a free app installed from the Google Play store.

Installation guide.

  1. Find a convenient location on the roof or rear of your vehicle that will provide a good view of the area behind it and fix the camera using the screw pack provided. Please note that you may need to purchase additional fixings depending on the location and type of surface you would like to mount the camera on.
  2. Connect the 12V/24V-DC power cable provided to a suitable 12V/24V power source on your vehicle that powers on and off with the ignition. Connect the Red 12V/24V (+) cable to a 12V/24V power source and the Black Negative (-) cable to a suitable ‘(-) Ground’ on your vehicle.Please contact an auto electrician if you are unfamiliar with this type of installation.
  3. Attach the Wi-Fi antenna to the main body of the camera by screwing it to the gold connector on the rear of the unit.
  4. Download and install the ’iRearCam’ app on your sat nav, tablet or smart phone from the Google Play Store or Apple App store depending on the device you are using.

Please note that if you purchased the reversing camera at the same time as you purchased an Aguri sat nav the ‘iRearCam’ app will already have been installed for you and will be ready to use.

  1. Power on your Aguri sat nav, tablet or smart phone and switch Wi-Fi on. Select the name of your parking camera from the list which should begin ‘SWD_…….’
  2. Next, go to the Apps section of your device and open the ‘iRearCam’ app which should be paired and ready to use.
  3. Once your camera is paired it will display images automatically whenever you launch the app as long as Wi-Fi on your device is switched on.

User tip. We would highly recommend testing the camera and the Wi-Fi communication between the camera and your Aguri sat nav, tablet or smart phone before fixing the camera to your vehicle.

Please contact your local auto electrician if you are not familiar with this type of installation.

 Need help with this product? Please call out technical helpline on 0330 102 5578

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