How Do I Pair My Sat Nav With My Smart Phone?

Date: 01/02/2016

How do I ‘Tether’ my Smart Phone with my sat nav.

Follow these instructions to pair your phone with the following Aguri sat navs. Motorhome & Caravan RV520, RV700, RV720, RV750. Coach & Bus CB720. Truck TX520, TX700, TX720, TX750. Car GT520, GT720.

Follow these instructions to set up your Android smart phone as a Mobile hotspot.
(Please note that these instructions are based on a Samsung Galaxy S4. Set-up instructions for other Android Smart Phone manufacturers may be slightly different depending on the location of ‘Tethering and Mobile hotspot’ in the your phone’s Settings menu)

  1. On your Smart Phone, go to ‘Settings’ then ‘More networks’ and select ‘Tethering and Mobile hotspot’.
  2. Switch on ‘Mobile hotspot’. Your phone will advise that your Wi-Fi connection will be switched off at this point. Select ‘OK’.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ from the main menu on your sat nav. (The main menu is the menu you see when you first power on the device)
  4. Select ‘Wi-Fi’ and switch it on by sliding the on/off button to the right, turning it blue.
  5. Your sat nav should now display a list of available Wi-Fi connections including one called ‘AndroidAP’ or something similar that represents your Smart Phone. Select this to enable the connection.
  6. Your sat nav will now ask you to enter your phone’s Mobile Hotspot password. The password should automatically be displayed on your Smart Phone and will normally consist of approximately 4 lower case letters and 4 numbers. If the password is not displayed automatically, tap on ‘Mobile hotspot’ and refer to #3 from the section entitled ‘How to connect from other devices’ where the password should be displayed.
  7. Once you have entered the password, your sat nav and Android Smart Phone should be successfully tethered. Your sat nav will be able to leverage your Smart Phone’s internet connection for use with Live Digital Traffic and providing general internet connectivity for your unit.

Please note that you do not need to use the Aguri Live app to deliver Live Digital Traffic if you use the Tether and Mobile Hotspot connection method.

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