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What Is Drive Assist?

Date: 16/06/2020

New! Drive Assist speed limit and speed camera detection software for your Aguri sat nav.

When we know where we’re going, we don’t always need a sat nav, but we always need to know what the speed limit is and we always need to stay alert.

Drive Assist is an alternative display mode that can be used when you’re not using the navigation software and converts your sat nav into a speed limit and speed trap detection system. Instead of displaying the normal map view, Drive Assist mode will display the speed limit of every road you drive on and will alert you if you exceed the speed limit and when the speed limit changes, as well as alerting you to all types of speed trap and safety cameras. Plus, pair your GT520 with an internet enabled Smart Phone or iPhone and share and receive live alerts of mobile speed traps with other Aguri users!


sat nav speedo


How does Drive Assist work? How do you activate Drive Assist on your Aguri sat nav?

Tap Navigate from the main menu and launch the navigation software as normal. Tap the centre of the map to enter the navi menu, gently swipe the screen from right to left and tap on Settings. Scroll down the list of settings until you see Drive Assist and select On. Press the back arrow at the base of the screen to exit the menu and you will now see the Drive Assist screen mode instead of the normal map view.

sat nav speedo information

Drive Assist and speed trap alert settings explained.


speed trap information

Drive Assist is now available on all Aguri satellite navigation systems but is also available on the new DX4000 GPS dash cam and speed trap detector.

dash cam

Click here to learn more about Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist.


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