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How Does Aguri Truck Routing Software Work?

Date: 07/02/2019

How do Aguri truck sat navs work?

Aguri truck sat navs use our unique truck navigation software to create safe, accurate and legal routes based on the size, weight and load of your vehicle.

Size matters!

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The first element to our truck sat nav software is very simple. You enter the height, weight, width and length of your vehicle and our sat nav software will create routes avoiding any restrictions that are less then the values you have entered. For example, if the weight of you vehicle exceeds 7.5t, our truck sat nav would avoid any roads which are sign posted with a 7.5t weight restriction (or less). If your vehicle is higher than 3.5m, our truck sat nav would avoid any roads that include a height restriction of 3.5m (or less). As long as you enter the correct details for your vehicle when you first set up your device, it will always create routes avoiding roads with sign posted restrictions.

Aguri’s truck routing software.

Our truck routing software team has been developing sat navs for trucks, lorrys and HGVs since 2006!

Aguri Products

During that time they have created probably the most advanced truck routing software available. In addition to simply routing around sign posted restrictions, Aguri’s truck navigation software will create routes using the most appropriate roads available, keeping you on larger roads such as major ‘A’ roads, dual carriageways and motorways for as long as possible, but without taking you too far out of your way. The size of the roads available from A to B will be compared to the real-time average speeds for those roads to produce the most efficient and quickest route, whilst avoiding any potential hazards or restrictions on the way.

What is different about Aguri truck satellite navigation systems?

Unique Aguri hazard and restriction data and the Aguri truck community!

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Occasionally, there are roads that have a height, weight or width limitation but are not officially sign posted by the local council. Most other truck sat navs will not include this information in their database and as a result can create dangerous routes using these roads. Aguri truck sat navs are different. We have developed a unique database of height, weight, width and length restrictions that will only be found on Aguri truck sat navs, ensuring our software creates safer routes than a normal truck sat nav. Not only that, our specialist truck navigation team and army of Aguri truck sat nav users ensure that this unique database is continually updated, making Aguri sat navs the safest on the market.

Be part of the Aguri truck community! Click here to report any issues to the Aguri truck navigation software team.

dartford crossing signTunnels and load codes.

If you carry more unusual loads or hazardous goods, you’ll be pleased to learn that Aguri truck sat navs will also create routes based on your specific load. Simply enter the load type when entering the dimensions and weight of your vehicle and Aguri’s truck navigation software will create a safe and legal route as necessary.

Steep hill management.

Aguri truck sat navs include the gradient of all roads across the UK and Europe. By default, all our truck sat navs are programmed to avoid roads with a gradient of 15% or more. However, this can be manually adjusted up or down depending on your weight or load type if you want to fine-tune the route created.

Low emission zones.

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As you’d expect, all Aguri truck sat navs will make sure you don’t drive in to any areas you’re not allowed in!

Free map and software updates.

Height, weight and width restrictions, new roads, road closures, speed limit changes – there is never a dull a moment on British roads, not to mention if you travel on the continent. As a result, all Aguri truck sat navs come with free map, software and speed trap updates for life so you can keep up with all the changes. Not only that, all Aguri truck sat navs include built-in Wi-Fi, with wireless updates, making them quick and easy to update without the need for a PC or Mac.

How to report an issue.

Be part of the Aguri truck community!

Click here to report any issues to the Aguri truck navigation software team.

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