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How Do I Pair My Sat Nav With My Iphone?

Date: 22/03/2019

How do I tether my sat nav with an iPhone?

Follow these instructions to pair your phone with the following Aguri sat navs. Motorhome & Caravan RV520, RV700, RV720, RV750. Coach & Bus CB720. Truck TX520, TX700, TX720, TX750. Car GT520, GT720.

Please note that these instructions are based on iPhone 6+. Set-up instructions for other versions of iPhone may be slightly different depending on the location of ‘Personal Hotspot’ in your phone’s Settings menu.

1. On your iPhone, go to ‘Settings’ then select ‘Personal Hotspot’

2. Switch on ‘Personal hotspot’. Your phone will automatically display it’s unique 13 character Personal Hotspot Wi-Fi password.

Please note that parts 1 and 2 may vary depending on the version of iPhone you and the OS installed. Please refer to the iPhone user instructions for more detailed instructions explaining how to activate it’s personal hotspot.

3. Select ‘Settings’ from the main menu on your Aguri sat nav. (The main menu is the menu you see when you first power on the device)

4. Select ‘Wi-Fi’ and switch it on by sliding the on/off button to the right, turning it blue.

5. Your Aguri sat nav should now display a list of available Wi-Fi connections including your iPhone or the name you have given to your iPhone. Select this to enable the connection.

6. Your sat nav will now ask you to enter your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot password.

7. Once you have entered the password, your Aguri sat nav and iPhone should be successfully tethered. Your sat nav will be able to leverage your iPhone’s internet connection for use with Live Digital Traffic and providing general internet connectivity for your device.

User notes.

You do not need to use the Aguri Live app to deliver Live Digital Traffic if you use the Tether and Personal Hotspot connection method.

When the device is tethered with your Smart Phone or iPhone it will leverage your phone’s mobile 3G or 4G internet connection. The device will use your phone’s internet connection to send and receive data such as traffic flow information and, if you use the mobile speed trap sharing system, will send the coordinates of any locations reported by you as well as downloading the locations of any mobile speed trap sites reported by other users in your area. Depending on the mobile data package included with your Smart Phone or iPhone contract, using these features could cost you money. We strongly advise that you check what mobile data package is included on your phone contract and regularly monitor the amount of mobile data used by our device whilst paired with your Smart Phone or iPhone to ensure that you are aware of any associated costs you may incur.


How much of my Smart Phone or iPhone mobile data, does Live Digital Traffic use and how does it work?

All Aguri sat navs include Live Digital Traffic as standard. Live Digital Traffic is a far superior service to standard TMC traffic information as it helps to calculate and produce routes based on real-time traffic flow as well as specific ‘events’ such as a road accident or closure. In addition to helping calculate the quickest routes possible, it also continues to monitor traffic flow for the duration of your journey. In the event that there is a build up of traffic or an accident on your route, it will offer you an alternative one, if a quicker route is available.

For Live Digital Traffic to work it is necessary to pair it with your Smart Phone or iPhone to leverage your phones internet connection. As a result many customers ask how much of their phone’s data package Live Traffic will use. Live Traffic only needs very small packets of data every few minutes, so if you were to use the service for 8 hrs a day for 20 days, it would only use approximately 400 MB of data. That is about 2.5 MB of data per hour.


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