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Date: 05/11/2015

Please note that your Skyway has been delivered with the latest software and speed trap database already pre-installed, so it will not be necessary to perform an update immediately.

When an update is required, the speed trap database and software updater can be found on the CD Rom supplied in the box or can be downloaded from the Software Updates section by clicking here

If you are using the CD Rom, insert it in to your PC and open it so that you can view the files saved on to it. You will see a copy of the User manual and a piece of software entitled ‘Aguri Skyway Updater V(?)’ Left click on the updater and ‘drag’ it from the CD Rom, on to the Desktop of your computer. Double click on the Aguri Skyway Updater icon that is now on your desktop and the updater software will open in a new window.

Next connect your Skyway to your PC using the Mini USB data cable provided. Skyway will power on automatically, but as your PC only supplies 5V via the USB cable, the OLED display may be dimmer than usual and the voice quiet and slightly muffled, but this is normal.

Once your Skyway is powered on, enter the Menu by pressing the menu button and then scroll until you see the ‘Update’ icon which is an arrow pointing upwards (It will match the orange arrow you should currently be able to see on the Skyway Updater window on your PC) When you have highlighted the Update arrow on the display of your Skyway, press the select button.

Your Skyway will now establish a connection with your PC which may take a moment or two. If any additional windows appear, please close them. If your Firewall software asks you if you want to let the Skyway or the Skyway Updater software operate on your PC please let it do so.

Once Skyway has established a connection, please press the ‘Connect’ button on the Skyway Updater window. The window will now display a message ‘Connect to server, please wait’.

User note: The Skyway Updater software will only work if your PC is connected to the internet.

When the server connection has been established the ‘Download’ button on the Skyway Updater window will be highlighted. Press ‘Download’ to start the update. The progress bar will keep you informed of the status of the update.

The Skyway Updater window will inform you once the update is complete and it is safe to unplug your Skyway.

For further information on Aguri Skyway click here

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