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Can I Change The Voice On My Sat Nav?

Date: 06/03/2019

How do I change the voice on my Aguri sat nav?

Your sat nav comes with a choice of a female ‘Text-to-speech’ voice that will give more detailed routing instructions including announcing road names and numbers, or a ‘real’ recorded human female voice that will provide more basic directions.

To switch between the two, power on your sat nav, launch navigation and enter the Navigation menu by tapping anywhere on the map displayed. Swipe the screen from right to left until you see ‘Language’ and tap on it. (Please note that ‘Language’ can be found in ‘DEVICE SETTINGS’ if you have not recently updated the software on your unit. See link below for instructions on how to update the software and mapping on your sat bav). Tap on ‘use TTS’ if you want top use Text-to-Speech or tap on ‘use voice’ if you prefer a recorded human voice.

Can I install different voices on my sat nav?

It is also possible to download and install a male Text-to-Speech voice as follows. Follow the instructions above to get to the ‘Language’ feature and tap on ‘Text-to-speech Setting’. Next tap on the settings icon displayed to the right of ‘Google Text-to-speech engine’ followed by ‘Install voice data’. Swipe the screen from bottom to top and tap on ‘English (United Kingdom)’. Next, select the new voice file you would like to use (there can be seversal depending on the sat nav you have)  Once the voice file has downloaded, press the back button/arrow until you return to the ‘Language’ section of the Navigation menu. Press ‘Test’ to hear the new voice. If you would like to change the voice back to the original or try different voices with different accents or languages, repeat the instructions above.

Please note that you will need to be connected to the internet with a Google Gmail account set up on the device to download and install different voices. Click here for further information on how to add a Google account and update the software and mapping on your sat nav.

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